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The Latest Updates

2023 My Suffolk Co. Exec. Press Release.jpg
2023 Press Rel. SCPD Stabbing.jpg
2021 Rolling Thunder myself speaking on stage with RT President.jpg

I honor to speak at the Memorial Day Remembrance. Hosted by Rolling Thunder NY Div. 6

2023 Why Pat Hahn CE 2-7-23.png
2021 Jacob American for Justice Reform BBQ.jpg

I spoke at the Americans For Legal Reform, BBQ. I stand in support to fight with them for the needed changes in the Courts.

2023 Write In Poster.png
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Haup, Freedom Rally 2020.jpg

I attend a rally in Hauppauge in support of the "Victims Rights NY". To many innocent people are victims of abuse and violence. The families are left with the loss. We as a society must advocate for justice for them. We need to improve our justice system.

In the picture to the right is a long time friend an founder of Victims Rights NY Jenn and to my left is a Karin. Organizers of the rally.  

I attended a Freedom Rally in Nassua County. I stand united with the family members of the "Voice for Seniors". Gov. Andrew Cuomo's executive order on March 25, 2020 resulted in the death of over 15 thousand seniors in nursing homes. He must be held accountable for this injustice. 

Pat Hahn @ Rally 5-21-21.jpg
2021AlbanyKids with JoyCD20.JPG

I attended and spoke at a rally to Unmask the Kids in Albany, NY

IMG_2560 (1).JPG

I attended a press conference that Sen. Boyle held about the Gilgo Beach murders. I agree we need to move this case forward to the FBI. So they can investigate and get answers for the victims families. 

I attended the Back the Blue freedom rally held at Wantagh train station. It was an honor to speak before an overwhelming patriotic crowed. God bless our military and law enforcement. I stand in full support of our military and all law enforcement agencies.  

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IMG_0060 (1).JPG

I spoke at a rally defending students against mandates.

2021 March for Life.jpg

I'm the Loud Voice for the Un-born.

I support Pro-Life. I spoke at the March for Life NY Rally. 

I spoke at a Freedom Rally to address the unconstitutional mandates being forced on us.

Suffolk SCOPE Pic.JPG

I am lifelong Defender of our 2nd. Amendment Rights. 2A Rally in Albany. I'm pictured front and center holding our 2A banner. We peacefully marched around our Capitol. We need to repeal the Un-SAFE Act along with the Unconstitutional infringements against our Right to Self-Protect. 

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