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Hi, I'm Pat

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Hello, my fellow Suffolk County Residence,

​My name is Patrick Hahn; most people know me as "Pat". I feel it's important to give some background information about myself and some of my life experience. I graduated from West Islip H.S. in 1973. Got a job as a local truck driver for a Penny-Saver delivery. Then was hired at Pilgrim in 1975. Started as a cleaner then worked up to be a housekeeping supervisor in charge of 4 builds and staff. I later took a civil service test to become a Mental Hygiene Therapy Aide. (MHTA). Working direct care for the clients. During my tenure at Pilgrim, I attended two different local college's. I had taken some night classes to further my knowledge in my work environment. No college degree just basic courses I wanted to take. 

I am a retired NYS Healthcare worker from the Department of Mental Hygiene (Pilgrim Psych. Center) I was a past CSEA Local 418 President and Statewide Board of Director in Albany for CSEA Incorporated /AFSCME Local 1000, AFL-CIO.  I have been a blue-collar union worker all my adult life. CSEA Union member since 1975 to present. Now in the Suffolk County retirees CSEA local 920. I was a volunteer scouter for 25 years and Founder/Scoutmaster of BSA Troop 800. We later opened a Cub Scout Pack 800. My wife and I opened Troop 800 in memory of the TWA Flight 800 because I lost a friend, I knew for many years on that flight. We became the color guard Troop for the TWA Flight 800 Families Association. I also was a volunteer BSA merit badge counselor and Catholic religious emblem counselor. I have recently retired from scouting.

I am the Founder /President of the Center Moriches Watchdog Community Association Inc. since 2010. We are a neighborhood community Civic. That addresses community and local issues that affect our quality of life in our community. I'm also a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Knights of Columbus, Ancient Order of Hibernians. Along with a few other organizations like the NRA, Suffolk County S.C.O.P.E. and the Long Island 2nd. Amendment Association.

WHY PAT HAHN?             

Proven Leader-

Pat was a CSEA local union President and State Board member that time and again fought the Albany swamp and WON! He fought to protect his membership and municipal unions across the state adopted the practices he developed. His strong leadership, innovative practices and plans and

dedication to his membership resulted in not only gaining needed safety policies, but also led to ending corrupt practices that were draining union coffers. His efforts invigorated the membership, restored, integrity to the union and led to a safer and more effective care environment at state mental health facilities throughout the state. He showed himself to be a resourceful, insightful, and dedicated leader that embodied the lead from the front mandate required of real leaders. He carried this leadership forward into his community as a Civic association President ensuring those in the community were aware of issues and prospective legislation and a Boy Scout Troop leader for over 25 years guiding,

teaching, and training another generation of leaders.


Tireless Advocate-

Pat has never stopped fighting against bad policy and corruption anywhere and

everywhere he finds it. He has been a consistent voice calling attention to the loss of individual liberty and bad policy coming out of both the Washington and Albany swamps without fear or hesitation. He has crisscrossed the state rallying, campaigning, and supporting Patriots and liberty centered groups to

promote and share their messages and causes. He will not stop fighting for our rights and to restore fiscal responsibility and prosperity to our county. There is no candidate with more experience and determination willing to fight Hochul and the Albany swamp to defend against the urbanization of us towns by Albany bureaucrats.



Pat is a fiscal conservative that knows how to reign in the spending that would have

bankrupted our county had it not received a Covid bail out from Washington. He understands the

problems and executive decision-making processes required to bring our county back to fiscal solvency without sacrificing crucial services and programs. A lifelong union member and leader he will be able to

negotiate fair and equitable contracts with our municipal workforce that serves those members and the residents of the county. A conservationist and lifelong Suffolk County resident he treasure’s our wildlife spaces and will be a tireless fighter against any overdevelopment or efforts to urbanize us communities. He will bring a critical eye to local government ensuring that fraud and waste are driven out to allow our business community to grow and thrive. He has the experience needed to reform us county and local government, streamline processes and advocate for our residents.


Why Pat?

He is the only candidate with the proven ability to manage complex organizations and

processes while reforming them to ensure maximum efficiency. He is a proven and tireless fighter that beat the Albany swamp numerous times. With a Democrat supermajority in the Assembly and Senate

along with a Progressive Governor determined to urbanize our county and communities. He is the only choice to stop them dead in their tracks.

We need a fighter, we need Pat Hahn for Suffolk County Executive, we cannot win without him!


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Best Qualified Candidate 

What makes Pat Hahn qualified to be a Candidate for Suffolk County Executive.


What are my true qualifications and experiences to run a county government as a County Executive. I wanted to explain in more detail my labor union experience and how it relates to me being better qualified to run for Suffolk County Executive. A lot of people don’t realize my past position as a Board of Director to (CSEA). The official name is called “Civil Service Employees Association” and we are Incorporated. We are the largest public sector Union in New York State. Serving over a million members. Representing State, County, Town, Village, School and Municipalities. My position was elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the Corporation. I was elected three terms serving 9 years, then decided not to run after that. As a director I was involved with being in charge of the internal workings of the corporation as a business. With a multi-million-dollar budget. Dealing with staff issues along with overseeing different departmental functions and policy making. We approved the hiring and firing of the internal staff including salary structure. We also had a separate internal Union that represented the staff that worked for CSEA. So, were also involved with internal contract negotiations and approval of their in-house contracts. We were in charge of balancing a budget without raising Union dues. I was also part of the corporation change from an outside law firm representing CSEA. To the creation of our inhouse law department that actually saved the corporation a lot of money. We stopped outsourcing legal work that was a contracted with an outside law firm. I also served as an elected delegate that worked with by-laws of the corporation and the internal structure of how the corporation functions.


As a President of local 418, I represented three thousand members with four vice presidents’, secretary, treasure and 12 board of directors. We were the largest State local in New York State. We also had a budget to work with as well. We did on hands representation for union members on their worksite. I was also the chairman of our labor management agreements, working through bipartisan management and labor.

My other life skill is being a President for 13 years of my community civic association. Dealing with different town issues and problems that affect our environment, quality of life along with public safety. Also being active with my Chamber of Commerce for about 20 years in my town that supports our local business.

My life skills as a Scoutmaster in scouting for 25 years. I helped mentor young scouts to achieve the requirements to become Eagle Scouts. By helping those young scouts to become future leaders themselves. I know our environment and nature better than anyone else. That’s because I also spent time in the woods camping, hiking and fishing on Long Island all my life.

Putting all these qualities together makes me the best candidate for Suffolk County Executive along with my people skills. I’m able to work with many different groups to get things done.

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